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Not too big, not too small, but JUST right.

At Green Couch Design (GCD) we want your space to be the perfect fit. Through ten years of combined experience in architecture, construction, and development our design roots are dug deep to provide you with the best custom made plan that will utilize every square inch of your current space. We strive to make your new space aesthetically pleasing and most cost-effective. That's why we've set up a design process to get to know your core values and functional needs. We provide the design plan and our clients define the process for implementation. Ultimately, our design process provides the tools to help clients funnel decisions confidently and to take ownership of their renovations creating a place they'll feel connected to for years to come.



What we do.

// Space Design Packages Start at $600 and Include:

  • Defining your values, culture, and daily function
  • A curated mood board
  • A negotiables vs. non-negotiables list
  • A Project Task List for prioritizing your budget and scheduling the work

// Add-Ons

  • Square foot budgeting
  • Detailed drawings for any custom design element
  • Floor plan development
  • Sealed architectural to-scale drawings
  • Builder set of drawings for contract bidding and construction direction
  • Full set of blue-prints

** Currently, we only offer project management services (unless specified otherwise in the contract) for clients local to Oklahoma City. We provide the design plan and it is up to the client on how to implement this into the space. We have found this gives our clients (local or not) more control over their budget, because they can pick and choose what elements they can do themselves and what to hire out.


Regardless of if you've never picked up a hammer or you consider yourself a craftsmen, let's determine what skill level is needed for your next project and how we might be able to help.




GCD SkillLevel-Bar.png

Looking to freshen up your space without all the sawdust? The Beginner Skill Level projects are typically for those who need help organizing their ideas into one cohesive style and plan. They're looking for a project they can complete in a weekend (or two), mostly cosmetic changes, and don't mind repurposing what they have on hand.

Beginner Space Design Package: $600


Don't mind getting your hands dirty? Willing to give more time to save a few bucks? With the DIY Skill Level projects we provide the design plan so you know exactly what tasks you can take on yourself and what elements need to be hired out. Generally we include: a base set of plans and details, budget tools, square foot cost, and connections to our local sub contractors (if needed).

DIY'er Space Design Package: $2,000-$4,000


Time to bring in the big dogs! The Professional Skill Level projects require "all hands on deck". Our project management services for the design plan include hiring, directing, scheduling contractors, managing the budget, and getting the job done on time.*

Professional Space Design Package: A Percentage Fee.

* Currently only available for local clients within 100 mile radius of Oklahoma City.




How we do it.

  • Time Frame six weeks for Beginner Skill Level Projects, four months for DIY Skill Level Projects, and up to six months+ for Professional Level Projects.
  • A series of Three Questionnaires.
  • Mood Board Development to help visualize and feel the space before any design details are finalized.
  • A minimum of three personalized meetings to review the design, make edits, and ask questions.




Who we work with.

We work best with people who:

  • Are dreamers.
  • Are doers.
  • Live with purpose.
  • Are community-minded.
  • Have great ideas, but don't know where to start.
  • Value quality over quantity.
  • Are hard workers.
  • Enjoy the process.
  • Know bigger is not always better.
  • Want to make the most out of their dollars.
  • Are resourceful.
  • Enjoy a good laugh.
  • Work to live, not live to work.

** We can only take on a few select projects at a time. Once we receive a signed contract and half of the project cost, we'll reserve the first available spot on our schedule for you and your project.


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